A Vision and a Plan

 Kershaw County Council has authorized a "Visioning" effort for the entire County, in collaboration with the County's new 10-year Comprehensive Plan in 2016.

  • What is it? A community-wide, input-based Vision document to complement and inform the Comprehensive Planning process, looking forward to the year 2030.

  • Citizens First. All citizens across the County are the voices for our future.
  • Professional Direction. Assisted and facilitated by Santee-Lynches Council of Governments (SLCOG).

What's Next?

To achieve a compelling and enduring vision, we will conduct a three-phase process:

  • In Phase I, Input will be sought from all citizens-including high school students, through a series of town meetings and event, surveys and interviews. These activities will take place throughout the County in August, September, and October. Additional stakeholders will be sought for specific input as well.
  • In Phase II, we will use the community input to build the vision document into a short, highly graphic product for review by the VisionKershaw 2030 steering group, and ultimately County Council.
  • In Phase III, we will present a completed Vision Plan for final review, amendments, and approval by Kershaw County Council.
  • The Result: A common vision that will serve as the County's roadmap to the year 2030.